5 Important Reasons Why You Should Choose Fruit Over Store Bought Fruit Juices


Here are 5 reasons to choose fruit over juice!

Compared to juices, fruit:

1) Make you feel full for a longer period of time. This is due to fruit being solids because of all the healthy fiber. This may play a role in how much you eat later on in the day.

2) Improve bowel movements 

3) Decrease the amount of time your food stays in your bowel

4) Cause fewer changes in your sugar levels and these changes are short lived. The sugar absorption from fruit is slower than from juice because of all the fiber in it. This might be one reason juice can play a role in Type 2 Diabetes development over time.

5) Lower insulin secretion levels. Juice increases insulin secretion levels and over time this might cause stress on your body and Type 2 Diabetes.

Let’s take it one step further and compare a store-bought juice to an actual fruit.

I chose to compare a typical North American breakfast orange juice.

Tropicana Pure Premium Original versus a medium sized orange. First off, the name alone Tropicana Pure Premium makes it sound more natural and healthy than it actually is. Another case of “good” marketing at its best.

Comparison of roughly a cup of orange juice to a medium sized orange:


If you have 2 oranges you will have 24 g of sugar (slightly more than in the juice) but 6 g of fiber! It is still a healthier approach. Not to mention the benefits from the vitamins.

Interestingly enough Trop50 Some Pulp which, like the name suggests includes some pulp, and has 0 g fiber! Even juices with pulp have very little if any fiber.

-Stay healthy (without the juice!)


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