Smart Marketing and Our Food Choices

Not only is watching television time spent sitting and being inactive, this is also a time we are exposed to extremely smart marketing strategies by fast food companies.

Let’s explore a few I’ve found and try to understand the message they are getting across:

Diet Pepsi advertisement with the help of celebrity Sofia Vergara. We all know sugar is bad for you, but not a diet one! Drink this and you will look like Sofia Vergara- I’m sure that’s how she maintains her figure. Did she need a Pepsi so badly that she was willing to crash a wedding? Then she gave a speech about a can comparing her love for Pepsi to the love of a happily married couple.

What about this one targeted at kids? Take the best characters from a hit blockbuster, put them in a commercial, and also turn them into a toy. This is fun and funny and kids like both. You not only get a toy, but also more fat, sodium, and sugar intake than any child needs in one sitting.

What I’ve noticed is that all these commercials portray happiness. If you drink and eat this, you will be happy for that moment and who wouldn’t want that? There are so many out there that it was hard choosing the worst of the worst. If you haven’t teased out my sarcastic comments, the problem is these ads don’t represent accurate information such as the current obesity epidemic.

What do you guys think- does this play a role in our food choices? Like or comment!

-Outsmart the smart marketing