Do Probiotics Play a Role in Cold Prevention

As I previously discussed in one of my earlier posts, vitamin C had no effect on colds. Continuing in the same manner, this post is regarding probiotic use and the common cold. Will that yogurt help you in the long run and prevent the coughing and sneezing?

A meta-analysis on this topic was done by Kang et al. (2013), and they report a very small effect of probiotics on the prevention of colds. Some things to keep in mind however, this is only based on 10 studies and doses and types of probiotic were all different in the studies.

These factors make it hard to form a conclusive answer.

My personal opinion is that it will take some time to get real conclusive evidence. There are far too many different types of probiotics and the timespan needed to consume probiotics would be hard to measure, along with numerous other factors that need to be considered.

10 studies is a good start to a long research path.

-Stay cold free